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Dum Dum Girls – I Will Be

Lead singer Dee Dee needed a band to bring her songs to life, so she got…and before you know it, it’s strangely amusing just how related the story of Dum Dum Girls is to that of fellow label-mates, Happy Birthday. Not only does each band make the kind of infectious pop/rock that has you confused as to whether it’s too dispensable or ravenously … [Read more...]

A Thousand Ships – s/t

On its self-titled album, A Thousand Ships runs through some interesting material. It's clear that this duo knows its way around its instruments (guitar and drums, really) but for some reason the album feels a little lightweight. Maybe it's just the missing bass? There are a bunch of good ideas on the record. In some ways, it's like the … [Read more...]

Sugar & Gold – Get Wet!

If anything, Get Wet! is a lot of fun. After all, any band who calls themselves Sugar & Gold are going to be a stone’s throw from self-seriousness, especially one that prides themselves on bringing dance music to a universal, cross-scene audience. The songs are thoroughly synthesized on low-rent, Daft Punk-ian electronics, and they sing … [Read more...]

…For Science! – “There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don’t Live”

Their Myspace page states that ...For Science! consists of "three assholes being jerks". This trio reigns from Columbia, South Carolina and track three off of the four song EP titled Song One, leaves them out of a pack strictly deemed for the weak and nonchalant. The jangled intro to "There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don't Live" is a sweet mix of … [Read more...]

Ólafur Arnalds Announces New Album

The impressive classical composer, Ólafur Arnalds, will release his highly anticipated second full-length album, …and they have escaped the weight of darkness, on May 10. This follows the success of three consecutive EPs, including last year’s brilliant Found Songs. Pre-orders are now being taken. Erased Tapes … [Read more...]

Kingsley Flood – Dust Windows

When a band is tagged with the “Americana” label, it’s usually because the musical output possesses a quaint, folksy vibe that is steeped in nostalgic imagery of the good ole’ days but also easily accessible to a modern demographic of listeners. The tunes are usually heavy on charm but sadly, also light on originality. Played well, the genre can … [Read more...]

The Unthanks – Here’s The Tender Coming

I could be uninformed, but I can’t think of many folk records that have benefited from an hour-long running time, or multiple tracks surging past the eight minute mark. The genre has always existed in a sparse, naturalistic world – and the albums that have pulled off the extended style well (Ys and The Cloud of Unknowing come to mind) are anything … [Read more...]

Pine and Battery – Pine & Battery 2

There’s a peculiarity to a band like Pine and Battery that seems to precede their music. Their name comes from those root words’ definitions: to yearn for the former, and the making of electricity for the latter. And if you go to their site, they will even offer up recipes (their favorite being the club sandwich), but scroll to the bottom and … [Read more...]

Warp Records Showcase (Nice Nice and Pivot) with Special Guests (Let’s Wrestle and Titus Andronicus) @ The Black Market, El Paso, TX 03/21/10

There will always be shows packed in where there will be so much overwhelmingly good music that you wont have any idea what to do. Such was the case with the great night of music at El Paso’s own The Black Market. For the past number of years, with an effort on trying to cash in on bands passing to and from Austin for South by Southwest, promoters … [Read more...]

Interview with Jo Gabriel

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hi Jo!  Your limited edition artist’s version of Fools and Orphans is very dear to me, and I reviewed the album here last year.  It contains key elements of your sound, including your graceful, but emotive vocals, stirring, poignant piano notes, and heartfelt lyrics.  You also have a new double-album out titled Hunting Down … [Read more...]