The Superions – s/t EP

The Superions - s/t EP

Fred Schneider of The B-52’s fame is ba-a-ack, along with Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, and they’re packing enough ham ‘n’ cheese sandwiches and a heaping helping o’ corn to satisfy even the most ravenous at the disco-pop picnic party.  This EP includes three original songs “Those Sexy Saucer Gals”, “Who Threw That Ham at Me”, and the oddly alluring “Totally Nude Island”, along with one remix of “Who Threw That Ham at Me” by Casper & The Cookies and a whopping three remixes of “Totally Nude Island” by The Lolligags, Ursula 1000, and Marshmallow Coast.

It would be easy to dismiss these songs as silly and superficial, but where’s the fun in that?  Fred is all about the fun and he brings his odd-pop sensibilities, quirky charm, saucy, nasal tone, and giggle to groan-inducing lyrics to the table, so dig in heartily, but keep the antacid tablets handy just in case.

The lyrics of “Those Sexy Saucer Gals” would be sexist smarm if not for the fact that it’s Fred talking with unctuous tongue firmly in cheek and for the comical comeuppance at the end of the story-telling track.  The comic book antics involves who else but sexy girls from a flying saucer who land on Earth and ‘get busy’ with the men (Fred suggestively drawls “…it wasn’t long before we deduced / we was gonna get seduced.”) and then turn the tables on the guys by leaving right after with the promise of returning in 9 months.  The song ends abruptly at this juncture, hinging on a punchline that can be seen coming from outer space, but that doesn’t diminish the zany fun of the prospect of what will happen to the men during those, ummm, 9 months… As far as musical content goes, the fast tempo is akin to “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive with percolating blips and ghostly wavering synth lines.

Next number “Who Threw That Ham at Me” is the outright dance track of the EP, with an upbeat, thumping dancefloor beat, short bursts of horns, strings, and Fred introducing a dance move called ‘Disco Garbage Can’ where you “flip your lid”.  Check out the dance move in the official video at .  Sonically it recalls the electronics of “Crackers” by Ghostigital (The Sugarcubes’s Einar Orn’s current band with KatieJane Garside on guest vocals for that song), as well as for the indignant vocal delivery and for events taking place within a supermarket (“The Piggly”, in Fred’s instance).  The Casper & The Cookies Remix of “Who Threw That Ham at Me” streamlines the track, bringing the rock with added guitar growls, a harder drum beat, cymbals, and extended horn blasts.

“Totally Nude Island” is a relaxing respite from the previous tracks, with a languorous wash of ocean waves, mild xylophone hits, wavering flute, gulls calling, and Fred speaking in a sexy-suave voice about the “tropic of desire” and “nary a stitch of clothing in sight.”  Proving that a remix can improve upon the original song, The Lolligags Remix of “Totally Nude Island” one-ups the original, transforming it into a sensual dance track by adding a cantering drum beat, blippy and squelchy electronics, bass line undercurrent, pulled strings, and more lyrics which are seductively sung by Leslie Dallion of The Lolligags, sounding like a darkly sharp Siouxsie Sioux.  Fred’s vocals are echoed and hypnotic against the eerie strings so that he sounds like a travel guide on Valium pointing out the delights of Totally…Nude…Island.