The Langley Sisters – “Queen Bee” 7″

The Langley Sisters – "Queen Bee" 7"

Retro pop, a smooth trio of super cute women and catchy, sugary melodies all make for excellent music and The Langley Sisters, three sisters from London, make just that kind of music. Currently, they’re in the studio writing the music for their debut album but they’ve preceded that with a lovely seven inch slice of vinyl for their lead single, “Queen Bee.”

Their music channels influences that range from everything between the Shirelles, Etta James and even some Beach Boys for good measure. Their delicate voices are melded to compliment each other, with each voice coming and going with effortless care. And while the trio of women poses an intriguing look, it’s their talents as musicians that shine on their music. “Queen Bee” is an Ed Harcourt song that comes to life under the gentle caress of The Langley Sisters and its horn-filled, bubbly entourage is a terrific showstopper.

One can only hope that the rest of the music on their full-length is this good but until then, this is a delicious appetizer. Printed on a limited edition white vinyl with tender “Someday in the Past” on the opposite side, this makes for an especially welcome introduction. Although a single is usually paired with a B-Side, the women tend to it with a lovely amount of nurturing. As they sing, “Goosebumps all over my body when I hear you sing that song,” it’s safe to say that many of us men will feel those same tensions.

On a purely musical level, this is some kind of greatness and added with all of the aesthetic flurries, it only gets better. The record comes equipped with a download of the lead singe but there’s no need because the vinyl does them sweet justice: rich, layered and focused. The Langley Sisters have created great expectations with this 7” for “Queen Bee,” here’s to hoping they deliver.

“Strange to Be in Love” by The Langley Sisters (not included with the single)

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