New EP from Luther Russell in March

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Luther Russell will release the six-track “Motorbike” EP on March 15, 2010 on Wool Recordings/Ungawa.

The songs on the EP are taken from Russell’s upcoming fifth solo album ­ a double entitled “The Invisible Audience” ­ and were selected and sequenced by Sarabeth Tucek, who also sings on “Somehow Or Another.”

Musically the EP takes in the psychedelic Americana of the title track, which is reminiscent of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club circa “Howl,” the stripped-down blues of “A World Unknown,” the power-pop of “Tomorrow’s Paper,” and the short, but sweet “Dead Sun Blues” and “Et Al,” which sound like outtakes from “Sweetheart Of The Rodeo” and “Third/Sister Lovers,” respectively. What keeps these seemingly disparate influences together is Russell’s effortless way with a melody and the warm, analogue sound.

“It was recorded to eight-track one-inch tape with most instruments played by yours truly,” says Russell, who has produced records by Richmond Fontaine and the aforementioned Sarabeth Tucek. “People have really responded to the song “Motorbike,” so I thought an EP built around it would be a nice way of calling attention to the new album.”

As well as a digital release it will be available on an extremely limited-edition white vinyl 12-inch, which comes with a postcard shot by underground filmmaker Cam Archer. Archer, who has previously worked with Gus Van Sant and made videos for the likes of Xiu Xiu and Six Organs Of Admittance, is currently working on a video for “Motorbike.”