New EP from experimental pop duo Boxharp out soon

The 23rd of February will see the release of Loam Arcane, the new EP by American ambient experimental pop duo Boxharp.  For the uninitiated, Boxharp are Scott Solter (producer/engineer for the likes of Spoon, The Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice, St Vincent etc) and Wendy Allen (Tarentel, The Ballustrade Ensemble).

Loam Arcane
Loam Arcane is an EP of two mesmerising halves. The hallucinogenic pop of the first half springs to vivid life with opener ‘FanFin’, which ricochets with disorientating beats and refracted vocal melodies as if some sort of life-sized zoetrope. Sparkling single ‘Rainbirds’ follows, interweaving ambient textures with Wendy Allen’s pure vocals, giving way to a transcendent harmonised middle eight. The melodies return, crested by sparkling, wavering tones – and then it’s over.

In the second, more abstract and haunting, half of the EP, the stunning ‘The Postcard’ slowly dissolves  the floor from under your feet. The track plays out like a consoling friend who turns into gas just as you need them most. And finale ‘Who Are Your People (South Shoal)’ is a glorious marriage of rhythmic  bark, distant ghosted fauna and warm, flowing synths – slow motion tribal music for electric ghosts.

The Loam Arcane EP is an exclusive digital-only release through Hidden Shoal Recordings. The EP will be available in all digital formats via the Hidden Shoal Store and all good online stores such as iTunes, eMusic, LaLa and Amazon. Boxharp’s forthcoming album The Green is released on 4th May 2010, preceded by a single on 5th March 2010.

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