New album from singer-songwriter Ryan States

His name is Ryan States.  And, with his debut full-length, “Strange Town” (Drooling Class Records), he has made the first album recorded and mixed on a circus train, where he lives and works, in a train yard near you.

The result is a record that pays homage to influences such as The Eagles, Ben Folds Five, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and The Beatles, delivering a modern-rock meets adult alternative collection of earnest, honest pop-rock craftsmanship.  Though guitar driven, the songs also prominently feature piano and horns, taking songs from sparse to lush when the melody calls for it.  But, the album also has a very 80s feel and sound to it, which is a direct goal of States, who wanted to make an out record that shined a light on a time when Out Music wasn’t necessarily that ‘out.’

“The ‘out’ lyrics paired with the 1980s sound fill a void for anyone who grew up at a time when gay music was very closeted,” explains States.

“I’ve been touring five years with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus. We have a nine-piece band that provides musical accompaniment and sound effects for the circus. I play keyboards and samplers. I tour year-round across America’s arenas. I live on a real old-fashioned circus train in a train yard near you. No joke,” elaborates States.  “I write and record music in my private train room. I also have a podcast (located at  I grew up being involved in club music, choral music and religious music.”

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