My Majestic Star – I Haven’t Got It In Me

My Majestic Star - I Haven't Got It In Me

My Majestic Star - I Haven't Got It In Me

On their new album, I Haven’t Got It In Me, My Majestic Star forges an uneasy 3-way relationship between dream pop, shoegaze, and slowcore. The music isn’t so much about the dream as it is trying to remember the dream. Unfortunately, like so many dreams, this one leaves little to remember.

This territory of music is the impressionist movement of independent rock. Here, artists unsteadily depict unstudied images. And My Majestic Star aren’t depicting happy subjects.

“Like Cracked Glass” imparts a grating mix of sounds that relent only when they settle into the song’s thin drone of sound after having stirred around too long. “Crampling” undulates slowly, like an underwater plant in a falling undercurrent. Because of the noise and dissonance, these songs can be a rough listen. And when they’re over, you can’t remember the good or the bad of it.

Most promising are “City Sleeps” and “Silver Tongues”.  Apologetic lyrics run though “City Sleeps”, the song carried by the female vocal in a two part harmony. The guitar melodies move “Silver Tongues” into a daydream. If not for the incessant snare and lack of a low end, this song would be something to celebrate. But it doesn’t work out in the end. Every song after, like too many before, just leave you a little irritable and ready for something new.

Songs on I Haven’t Got It In Me waft by, leaving your t-shirt wrinkled by humidity as the sound registers uncomfortably against your skin. That alone isn’t bad, but I Haven’t Got It In Me reminds us that most dreams aren’t worth remembering.

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