Matt Weston – Seasick Blackout EP

Matt Weston - Seasick Blackout

Matt Weston - Seasick Blackout EP

I like my experimental art noise to be an experience–something that happens to me, a statement I can bear witness to. Preferably, this happens somewhere else besides my house. Seasick Blackout, a short EP of performance noise, fails to connect as an album.

I can appreciate challenges to my role as a listener, Matt’s as an artist, and our turn from the traditions and contexts of listening to recorded sound. But in this case, left to my own devices, I didn’t get it.

Seasick Blackout is an orchestral work entirely composed, arranged, performed, and produced by Matt Weston. The sounds are largely unpleasant, the theme is tortured, and the feel is a bit horrific. The firstĀ  track reveals sparse, wailing instruments. The second comes like grating insanity, worse than birds chirping outside your window when you’re sleeping late. The third and final track is a scraping piss, an orchestra distant and a train approaching.

Pretty much no chance you’ll like this because most people who come here want something very different from Seasick Blackout.

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