Jonsi – “Boy Lilikoi”

Jonsi - "Boy Lilikoi"

Jonsi, the angelic-voiced frontman of Icelandic band Sigur Ros, strikes out on his own with a solo album titled Go to be released in March.

This first single off the album starts off gently with orchestral vibrations wafting in the background, a starry twinkle, and then light strum of guitar, followed by the emergence of music-box notes and a swift ascent of reverberating strings and delicate tings, as Jonsi airily chimes in, sing-talking sweetly about the bittersweet themes of aging and longing to be young again.  Jonsi traipses through the verses in a child-like tone, revealing he wants to be a lilikoi boy, a youth who can “growl…howl… / show teeth…bite.” and “run…climb endless trees.”

There is a spring in intensity to the stirring chorus, with its fluttering beat, sweeping strings, occasional flute accents, and doubled vocals where Jonsi peals in a clarion register, recalling Morten Harket of a-ha.  Jonsi’s joyous delight and winsome yearning intermingle as he sings “Use your eyes (or is it “You survive”?)… / The world goes by.”

The song shifts through various permutations of the verse and chorus sections, building up with each successive chorus, adding a fast, marching tempo, swelling orchestral strings, and near the end, squeakily piped woodwinds with Jonsi talking rapidly, barely completing his phrases of “Rainbow colors fade into brown.”