Fucked Up-Couple Tracks

Fucked Up - Couple Tracks

Fucked Up is a Toronto success Americans wish they could claim. They have been around for almost a decade never hitting the same thing twice, releasing numerous 7”s and only two full length records, one of which, The Chemistry Of Common Life, had them sailing into new tour opportunities. The record won Fucked Up the Polaris Music Award and wide critical acclaim as one of the best records of 2008. It made sense that Matador would push for a release highlighting some of the band;s best moments in their career.

Couple Tracks is a variety of songs from select 7” releases with a number of collaborations with selected artists. The record is a timeline of Fucked Up’s releases between 2002-2009. Many of the songs are a representation of the different capstones in the band;s career. Couple Tracks is split into two different discs, rightfully so. One side is “The Hard Stuff” and the other, subsequently, is “The Fun Stuff”. Some of the older Fucked Up made its way onto this record like “No Pasaran”, one of the earlier songs released on their first 7”. There are also hard hitting tracks like, “I Hate Summer” and “Generation”, a song that defines Fucked Up’s mentality as hardcore band while remaining in their prime. Many of the songs on this record not only show where Fucked Up has been but where they are going, even within the realm of hardcore. It isn’t until recently that they have been praised by the mainstream and that is much to say for a band floating in the pool of hardcore music.

Although this record reeks of Matador Records looking to score capital off Fucked Up, it’s not a bad way to go. Couple Tracks would be great for someone who wants the Fucked Up experience. Not only does it highlight the best of the early and later songs, but it gives all the vinyl nerds one more release to pick up by a band with a tremendous list of never ending records. While there have been theatrics along the way, like an MTV Live Canada performance leaving thousands in damages or a lawsuit against Rolling Stone, they have a decades worth of faithful fans and a long rap sheet of collaborations that makes it seem this band isn’t going anywhere.

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