Citay – Dream Get Together

Citay - Dream Get Together

Citay - Dream Get Together

Dream Get Together catches rock on its pivot foot. On this new LP, Citay finds the turn between 1960’s psychedelics and 1970’s guitar rock, a point at which emphasis falls not only on the music, but on the sound of the music. Approach Citay with an understanding that this is about the jam and the journey and you’ll be just fine.

What Citay explores is the expansive, cosmic space of the studio. The band cites Pink Floyd and Eno/Fripp as references, your finding posts on the trail to fantasy rock.

Track one, “Careful With That Hat”, contemplates a simple chord progression in terms of overlaid, chorus-rich guitar riffs–something it shares in common with the album’s other songs. Like “Dream Get Together”. This acoustic jam, courting a little pop, promotes an elusive sound anchored by simple riffs and rhythms, propelled by phased recording techniques, a tailored vocal, and gushing organ that construct a wall around the music. If you’re looking for intimacy, you won’t find it here among the fabricated, steely guitar leads. “Secret Breakfast” hosts synths and guitar riffs enjoying courses of sound. This track, and “Hunter”, “Fortunate Sun”, and “Tugboat” all relate, boasting solo journeys and trading off layers of harmonious bombast.

The outlier is “Mirror Kisses”, and acoustic ballad marked by its male/female harmony. There’s a touch of longing in its sound. But at seven minutes in length, that touch gets lost in space.

Dream Get Together is a professional jam. It has the energy of good pop, but few of the hooks. It works as a modern interpretation of exploratory classic rock and as the soundtrack to a long, high speed trip out of town.

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