Øresund Space Collective – Dead Man in Space

Øresund Space Collective - Dead Man in Space

In 2009 a CD by Øresund Space Collective found its way to me and although I’m not often a fan of long jams or instrumentals, I was taken aback by this group’s purely improv approach to creating music. Not just completely improvised, their free-form space rock creations were really good! When the opportunity came to check out their latest release, the three song, vinyl-only Dead Man in Space I couldn’t say no to another heady joy ride.

Side one contains the nearly 22 minute opus “High Plains”, which definitely exhibits the space rock approach with plenty of flair. It’s laid back and somewhat meandering, but definitely beautiful. People spend years trying to structure and write this kind of music and these guys do it extemporaneously. “Space Jazz Jam 2.2” is exactly what its name implies and the saxophone gives the piece extra depth. The album ends with a short, spacey (no pun intended, despite words about spaceships) spoken piece with electronic sound effects.

I’ve said it before, but those who enjoy space rock and the mellow side of progressive rock will likely love Øresund Space Collective. With its revolving cast of participants there’s always something new coming out of their jam sessions. This album is a limited edition, vinyl release so copies won’t last long. Get your taste of some fine improvised space rock before the slab becomes a thing of legend.

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