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Quasi – American Gong

Some musicians like to keep things fresh with revolving doors and various memberships in several bands. A few stellar ones have their main band, their solo gig and a few side-projects spinning on the side. And most of the time, they take a steady amount of time off from other projects to focus on one primary one – even if it is temporarily. Well, … [Read more...]

Balmorhea – Constellations

Constellations always seemed to require too much focus and imagination for me. As a youngster, instead of getting psyched by trying to locate one in the night sky, all I could think of was how much of a stretch the whole enterprise was - how much it missed the forest for the trees. So it seems a little ironic to me that acoustic instrumental … [Read more...]

The Hussys – Japanese Graffiti

Fun is the name of the game for The Hussys, who pass up the somber for the joyous. Musically, The Hussys aren't terribly unlike Wolf Parade with their mix of stiff rock instrumentation and spazzy electronics. I wouldn't dare to say the music carries the depth of Wolf Parade, but the idea is similar. Vocally, Wolf Parade is out of the question. … [Read more...]

Short Takes

Little Boots – Hands Warner Bros Step aside Lady Gaga, Kylie, and Annie while Little Boots (aka Victoria Hesketh, former lead singer in the band Dead Disco) delivers a big dance-pop kick on the album Hands, due Stateside on March 2nd.  Already out in the U.K., the platter is an ear-pleasing delight of supremely melodic, immediately appealing, … [Read more...]

New EP from Luther Russell in March

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Luther Russell will release the six-track "Motorbike" EP on March 15, 2010 on Wool Recordings/Ungawa. The songs on the EP are taken from Russell's upcoming fifth solo album ­ a double entitled "The Invisible Audience" ­ and were selected and sequenced by Sarabeth Tucek, who also sings on "Somehow Or … [Read more...]

New EP from experimental pop duo Boxharp out soon

The 23rd of February will see the release of Loam Arcane, the new EP by American ambient experimental pop duo Boxharp.  For the uninitiated, Boxharp are Scott Solter (producer/engineer for the likes of Spoon, The Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice, St Vincent etc) and Wendy Allen (Tarentel, The Ballustrade Ensemble). Loam Arcane Loam Arcane is an … [Read more...]

Spy Island – At The Vegan Witch Trials

On their new LP, Spy Island retains some of the endearingly rough edges that defined their earlier efforts, while taking their music-making talents to new heights. Thanks to clever instrumentation, glued-together harmonies, and a few gambles, rock and pop music thrive on At The Vegan Witch Trials. This mostly Portland-based band alternates … [Read more...]

How I Became the Bomb – Deadly Art

Quick background on How I Became The Bomb: Tennessee band, been around for 5 years or so, has played shows in various parts of the world with some major acts, has kept a pretty low profile. The band writes pretty involved pop songs, something like The Shins crossed with Black Kids. It's not as bland as you might think when you hear "pop band," even … [Read more...]

The Superions – s/t EP

Fred Schneider of The B-52’s fame is ba-a-ack, along with Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, and they’re packing enough ham ‘n’ cheese sandwiches and a heaping helping o’ corn to satisfy even the most ravenous at the disco-pop picnic party.  This EP includes three original songs “Those Sexy Saucer Gals”, “Who Threw That Ham at Me”, and the oddly … [Read more...]

Cortney Tidwell – “17 Horses”

"17 Horses" off of Cortney Tidwell's second album Boys is a constant build up, pushing you back while you patiently await for the inevitable shock and/or punch to the chest. All the while she skips around, her vocals dance like a boiling pot of honey, both with matching sweetness. Tidwell's Bjork-like intensity shines on "17 Horses". Finally, … [Read more...]