U.S. release of Hawksley Workman’s debut album

Though Hawksley Workman’s debut For Him and the Girls was first released over a decade ago, it’s finally out now in the U.S.

The album’s jubilant songs highlight Hawksley’s incredible talent for versatile and hard-hitting writing. On “Sweet Hallelujah,” the Toronto-based crooner stretches his vocal range and weaves in everything from subdued piano melodies to foot-stomping guitar riffs into a masterful tapestry of sound. Download “Sweet Hallelujah” from ‘For Him and the Girls’ here:

His recent U.S. tour drew critical praise for his innovative performance style, and gave fans a preview of what’s to come with the release of new material in 2010.

About Hawksley Workman:
Hawksley Workman is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. His instrumental and vocal talents have drawn acclaim from publications such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. He is known for writing, recording, and producing his own music, as well as many other musicians throughout his career.

Hawksley Workman on the Web: