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Redhooker – Vespers

The struggle of bridging the gap between classical music and pop music has always been a finicky one. Classical music, old and well-revered in nature, is a form of music that can easily turn people on or off. And pop music has advanced and grown that its definition could never, honestly, be described. In order for a song to be considered a song, it … [Read more...]

Chemikal Underground Records

15 years is a long time in the music world. In 1995, it was possible to argue that indie music was undergoing one of its periodic lows, at least in the UK. Britpop had conquered the mainstream, the best known bands of that moment all owed their success to the intervention of major labels or, like Creation, had found themselves promoted to major … [Read more...]

New album from Venus Bogardus in February

Spitting at the Glass is the third album from acclaimed trans-atlantic post punk trio Venus Bogardus, and the band’s first new release on New York’s five03 records. The album showcases the band’s talent for weaving cathartic tension out of no-wave noise, pop overtones and remarkable lyrical sensibility. Spitting at the  Glass, with its played-live … [Read more...]

The Album Leaf – A Chorus of Storytellers

"If it ain’t broke don’t fix it" doesn’t really work in the business of making records. Music consumers expect musicians to improve and take their music to the next level in a forward progression. So bands strive hard to find a balance between the familiar sounds that attracted fans in the first place and the evolution to a new, and hopefully … [Read more...]

CNC – No Mood

There is a foundation here, but No Mood just doesn't work. The foundation is a synth heavy breed of psychedelic pop. The band, a Polish duo called CNC, takes a shoegazer's approach to this music, slowing down the rhythms and mumbling vocals that disappear into the music. Problem is, these guys just don't have the aesthetics down yet. The title … [Read more...]

Beach House – Teen Dream

A beach house is usually a vacation spot, where people can get together and rejoice in the tranquil feeling of being able to enjoy a lush home located next to sound of waves. The soothing sounds of the waves gently crashing against each other, the calming feeling in knowing that there is not a care in the world and getting lost in the dream is a … [Read more...]

Etaoin Shrdlu – Mating Calls

Math-rock instrumentals: a mainstay of the fringe. Typically bands that choose this style of music end up impressing critics but have trouble finding audiences. Not always the case, but certainly very few ever become household names. Exercises in technical precision and unusual composition just don't translate into accessibility. Etaoin Shrdlu … [Read more...]

FAO#24: Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar, Scout Niblett & Tindersticks

Intimacy is a trait that comes in many different forms in musical realms.  Although it too often simply conjures up images of one person and an acoustic guitar, spooling themselves into lo-tech kit or sitting solitarily on a small club stage, intimacy is more about feeling and delivery than pure environmental settings.  It can find itself presented … [Read more...]

Rameses III – I Could Not Love You More

Ambient music as a genre can have a lightness, an imperviousness to criticism. This album put me to sleep. This album just sort of drifts by, never asserting itself. This album requires patience. This album never knows where it’s going, and takes its time getting there. This album sounds like a bunch of one chord songs. In most any other genre, … [Read more...]

Mark Matos & Os Beaches- Words of the Knife

The guy on the cover looks just like Carlos Boozer from the Utah Jazz. And Mark Matos & Os Beaches sounds just like Wilco! I'm exaggerating a little bit, but Matos and his mates sound an awful lot like Summerteeth-era Wilco, even right down to vocals and delivery (akin to Tweedy's melancholy croon). The only difference is Matos adds in a couple … [Read more...]