New album from Stellarscope

“This is who we are” is the latest effort by the Philadelphia alternative band Stellarscope. The release marks a new era of songwriting and sound experimentation, a perfect blend of pop songwriting, sonic mayhem, and quality structure not touched upon by their previous efforts.

Stellarscope a three piece band from Philadelphia in the USA, comprise Tom Lugo (vocal /Guitar / fx/ samples/ programming), Rob DeFlaviis (bass / keys) and Bob Forman (drums / percussion). In the decade of their existence the band has evolved their style becoming more experimental with their blend of space-pop.  Their range of instrumentation makes Stellarscope sound like a band with more than three musicians, as they weave a sonic shroud over fast guitar riffs and heavy rock drum rolls. They use delay and loop back to dramatic effect as the songs take on a space-trip quality.

Current members

* Tom Lugo – vox, guitar, fx, samples, programming

* Rob DeFlaviis – bass, keys

* Bob Forman – drums, percussion