Kayo Dot – “Whisper Ineffable”

Kayo Dot

What starts out as some sweet jazz horns in the realm of Miles Davis slipping into doom metal is Kayo Dot‘s opening to “Whisper Ineffable” off of their 5 song EP, Coyote. This play between genres continues for the next few minutes then blasts off and out of the gate into something quite shocking and unexpected. A whirlwind of noise just sprays all over this track. Kayo Dot, a 6 piece outfit hailing from New York City, defiantly cure the boredom of the slow introduction to “Whisper Ineffable” with their twist of free- form jazz and metal.

A blend between the Taxi Driver soundtrack and lo-fi sludge via The Melvins, Kayo Dot really bring us something new here on “Whisper Ineffable”. Kayo Dot member Terran Olson, previously of Maudlin of The Well, is a band I have actually seen live way way back in 2002 at a coffee shop where I used to work in Utica, NY called Virgo Bat And Leo Phrog’s. I do remember them well as an unrefined, virtual juggernaut and the old transfers so well to the new here with Kayo Dot. The addition of such instruments as alto and tenor sax, Daniel Means and Terran Olson have brought a new element to this listener with a sound that also throws a bit of mud in your eye. Kayo Dot is like a flood tearing down your street bringing with it all the debris and muck right to your front door. Be forewarned New York City, they’re playing near you. Look for upcoming dates on their myspace page and let the blood spill.

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