Fredrik Ohr – Falling Through the Earth

Fredrik Ohr - Falling Through the Earth

Fredrik Ohr - Falling Through the Earth

Fredrik Ohr composes like a monk in meditation—methodically spinning the many disparate elements until they all face the same direction, flowing in harmony with one energy. Sort of. Falling Through the Earth reveals the Zen character Fredrik Ohr has embraced through his interest in Buddhism and journeys in Asia . The synthesis of his Northern European foundation and Eastern influences is an enlightened album of downtempo ambient music.

The very chill “Eating Fog” demonstrates excellent instrumentation, and sends peace rippling outwards, channeling and covering a very strong undercurrent of thought and intellect. Ohr’s methods may strike some listeners as too much like New Age, but you’ll find no energy crystals here. Rather, reeds show up, lending tracks like “Naaga” a fresh-from-the-dojo feel that is surprisingly fun to listen to.

The tinsel vocals on  “Message” smartly work for the track’s rhythm more so than the melody, moving nicely up to the break at about 4 minutes in. Ohr approaches each sound and every tool with a Zen attitude. Nothing is superfluous. And only a select few tracks fall flat. “Morning Ritualism”, for example, stalls early.

Falling Through the Earth is a success. It chills, not so much lost in thought as absorbed in it. And it invites you to take part without any preconditions. I urge you to accept.

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