CNC – No Mood

CNC - No Mood

CNC - No Mood

There is a foundation here, but No Mood just doesn’t work. The foundation is a synth heavy breed of psychedelic pop. The band, a Polish duo called CNC, takes a shoegazer’s approach to this music, slowing down the rhythms and mumbling vocals that disappear into the music. Problem is, these guys just don’t have the aesthetics down yet.

The title track is the EP’s best.  On “No Mood”, the obnoxiously loud synths instantly become mesmerizing, fatigued but blasting away. It’s a good, full sound, pouring out like a day-glo waterfall.

But, instead of expanding on this sound, CNC walk away from it. The “Plot Device” trinity is a waste of time, and the other three songs only relay nondescript versions of downer psych-pop–the kind of psych-pop in which synths become window dressing, and the drums, guitar, and bass guitar try in vain to engage each other.

It isn’t bad, necessarily. It just isn’t anything at all.

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