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Vinyl single release from Midlake before new album

Midlake has announced the release of a new limited-edition 12" single featuring two songs from their forthcoming album The Courage of Others. The songs on the vinyl-only release are "Acts of Man" b/w "Rulers, Ruling All Things" and it is available in stores now. … [Read more...]

Free Downloads from Silber Media

Four MP3 releases from Silber Media are available for free download (a Christmas compilation, live EPs from Remora & Aarktica, & a soundtrack by Small Life Form – more info below) are all available at White Silber - A Cold Slow Xmas MP3 compilation 2009 | Silber 079 25 tracks, 105 minutes What’s there to … [Read more...]

Afterlives – A Ticking Clock I Couldn’t Stop

A little more than 10 years ago my sleep patterns changed, leaving me with an additional two to four twilit hours to burn away nightly. I had already started to obsess over music: handwritten wishlists began shifting from comic books and video games to the more repeatedly-enjoyable and “grown-up” compact discs I wanted, and any money I could earn … [Read more...]

Untied States – Instant Everything, Constant Nothing

It's been a while since Untied States put out its last full -- and excellent -- album Retail Detail, but Instant Everything, Constant Nothing proves that the band hasn't been twiddling its thumbs. The album picks up where the last left off: equal parts experimental expression and solid post-punk, it delivers on the band's past promise. Even if band … [Read more...]

Friends of Friends – Deep Search

Music is never just music. It’s never just "I hear this song, I like it." There’s all sorts of preconceptions going into it: "what’s on the cover of this album, where’s this band from, who are their influences on myspace, what do they look like, holy shit is that Lars Ulrich? Why’d you have to go and suck man?" I go through all those questions … [Read more...]

Year in Review: Albums We Love that Didn’t Make the Final Cut

Each year, we here at Delusions of Adequacy compile our consensus staff list and publish it for all to view. But every year, we are left with a few albums that we, as individual writers, feel should have made that final list. So in an effort to shine light on some of our forgotten favorites, we have provided an album each that we feel should have … [Read more...]

Free Sampler from 4AD

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My Majestic Star releases new album

Hidden Shoal Recordings releases the new album I Haven’t Got It In Me by Perth-based post-shoegaze outfit My Majestic Star. On third album I Haven’t Got It In Me, My Majestic Star continue to showcase their exceptional command of atmosphere and tension. The album sees My Majestic Star merge weightless daydream pop with droning shoegaze and even … [Read more...]

Free song download from The Cloud I’m Under

"Dim The Lights" is the latest song from The Cloud I'm Under.  This time around he's toning down the electronics and incorporating elements of punk and country. Download: Dim The Lights Visit for more info. … [Read more...]

Nudge – As Good As Gone

As Good As Gone, Nudge’s fourth full-length, arrives 4 years after their previous album, 2005’s Cached, and a plethora of activity from its contributors. Brian Foote, the only member who plays on all of the tracks here, has been putting together some DJ mixes as Leech, running the small label Audraglint, touring with friends’ projects, and … [Read more...]