Free Downloads from Silber Media

Four MP3 releases from Silber Media are available for free download (a Christmas compilation, live EPs from Remora & Aarktica, & a soundtrack by Small Life Form – more info below) are all available at

White Silber – A Cold Slow Xmas
MP3 compilation 2009 | Silber 079
25 tracks, 105 minutes
What’s there to say about this compilation? Old friends & new friends doing mainly original compositions & mainly instrumental pieces. An artist roster of Aarktica, Small Cities, Charles Atlas, Andrew Weathers, This Quiet Army, Electric Bird Noise, Lullabier, Bryce Eiman, Polar400, Miss Massive Snowflake, Gorgons, Origami Galaktika, Remora, Lozninger, Fornever, Moodring, Subscape Annex, Carta, Small Life Form, Zanzibar Snails, Moral Crayfish, Northern Valentine, Medit, & Yellow 6. So a solid representation from the Silber roster, the 919Noise scene, all our old friends, & some folks we’ve just met. I hope you dig it all & maybe find a new favorite band or two. Personally I’m pretty pleased at how it simultaneously goes all over the musical map & remains cohesive. Noise, beats, slowcore, found sounds, guitar walls, & occasionally things that could pass for rock & roll.

Aarktica: Live at KUCI 6/15/05
MP3 EP 2009 | Silber 083
5 tracks, 31 minutes
After the release of Bleeding Light, Aarktica did a short West Coast tour with most of the full live band. During this trip the band was invited to perform live on the air at KUCI in Irvine, CA. These tracks, recorded live, capture the rawness, tension & dynamics of Bleeding Light-era Aarktica & represent the only live shows done outside of New York City for this album. A very different animal than the on-record Aarktica most know, the live shows of this era featured the virtuosity of free jazz greats Mike Pride & James Duncan on drums & trumpet, respectively Just listen to the drum breaks toward the end of “A Shadow Knife,” & the trumpet solos on “OJ Gude.”

Small Life Form: Lost Kisses Soundtrack
MP3 Album 2009 | Silber 081
16 tracks, 68 minutes
When the time came to make a soundtrack to the Lost Kisses cartoons, Small Life Form’s brand of electro acoustics & aggressive ambient seemed like a great fit for the stories. The music is loop driven & sometimes barely noticed & at other times feels like a laser beam straight to the brain threatening to completely wash it clean. The soundtrack to an emotional acid trip – not necessarily positive or negative or menacing or soothing, but very physically present.  The instruments used are the standards of the recent live Small Life Form shows including copper pipe, triangles, melodica, pitch pipe, harmonica, microphone feedback, & voice all washed & sculpted with distortion, reverb, & delay.

Remora: Guitar Antihero
MP3 EP 2009 | Silber 084
1 track, 25 minutes
A Remora performance to push guitar to the next level from a standard Remora show, the sound was boosted to the next level by using five guitars, a bass, & four amplifiers instead of the standard single guitar & amp. The additional guitars were staged around the main amplifier to act as drone instruments. Probably the loudest Remora show ever (reports are it was heard clearly a block away) & often on the cusp of losing control of the wave of sound, the piece ended with Mitchell nearly throwing up from the volume exposure.  Still the music somehow ends up as soothing as it is menacing.