Down Review – From Here, For Anyone

Down Review - From Here, For Anyone

Down Review - From Here, For Anyone

Down Review is the duo of electronic producers Medard Fischer (Arc Lab) and Tim Arndt (Near The Parenthesis), and From Here, For Anyone is their debut EP that resulted from the melding of their musical ideas exchanged over the Internet.

The four tracks on the EP are a dense swirl of multi-textured electronic soundscapes that develop tunefully with mellow and warm melodies, crisp rhythm blips and playful clicks and pops. The duo mix and manipulate sounds into a soothing atmosphere of instrumental electronic songs that sound like a mash-up of the lush and ethereal, late-night dreamscapes of Ulrich Schnauss with the robotic techno of Kraftwerk’s Computer World.

The impressionistic compositions don’t stray too far into the nebulous atmosphere but stay grounded with gently rolling drums, dynamic rhythms, periodic waves of buoyant keyboards and bright, celestial guitar leads. The multi-layered and swirling, synthetic sound waves don’t erupt with bursting melodies, but rather come to a slow boil with an airy and dreamy ambience with enough spirited glitch-pop noodling to keep things interesting.

Down Review aren’t really exploring any new musical frontiers on From Here, For Anyone but their music is an amiable, intelligent addition to electronic listening music.

Recommended If You Like (RIYL): Ulrich Schnauss, Air France, Boards Of Canada, and Four Tet

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