Stationary Odyssey – Sons of Boy

Stationary Odyssey - Sons of Boy

Stationary Odyssey - Sons of Boy

The scattershot album Sons of Boy by Stationary Odyssey throws us bits of blues, mathcore, noise, space, acid, and prog rock. Despite their impressive range, these 8 tracks are little more than a collection of novelties with which listeners will struggle to identify.

This album of carefully crafted guitar exercises aren’t so much an odyssey as a quick scenic tour. In its totality, Sons of Boy is an instrumental post-rock work put together by an Indiana duo with a list of contributing musicians and friends. Opening track, “Ghost Moth”, is a soft, slow entrance. In typical post-rock style, the volume builds to a climax of soaring noise and distortion. “Torticline” is the band’s first real showcase, with interesting guitar figures treading noise and prog rock, then mathcore and, quickly, grind. The drastic part changes aren’t bad, but they reveal the crux of the problem: Rather than engaging us in a meaningful conversation, Stationary Odyssey just helps pass the time with a slew of interesting facts and bits of trivia. In the end, we have nothing too useful or memorable.

Of the eight 4-5 minute songs, “Johnfriend” is my favorite. It is the most compelling project on Sons of Boy. After that, the genre spanning continues, unwilling to grow roots but unable to take flight.

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