Solo debut from Jason Boesel slated for January

For the last 15 years, LA-based drummer Jason Boesel has been planted firmly behind the kit, keeping time for some of the decade’s most influential indie bands (Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes). Boesel was inspired to write his own record after his friends raved about the first song he ever wrote: ‘Hustler’s Son.’ Now, he’s ready to take “the bull by the horns” (AOL Spinner) with the release of his solo debut for Team Love Records: ‘Hustler’s Son’ (out January 12, 2010).

Listen to the first single “Hand Of God” here:

While “Hand of God” is nearest to Boesel’s breezy alt-country leanings, the entirety of ‘Hustler’s Son’ is a road trip of an aural and emotional experience. Boesel isn’t shy to admit his soft spot for the Southern California sound, but his sonic inspirations are as diverse as the places he’s visited on the road. The music proves it: Dark “Black Waves” rolls in with West Palm Beach’s “hurricane sand” and psychotropic guitars, “French Kissing” rocks to allusions of Santa Barbara’s shores, “Burned Out And Busted” finds Boesel stranded in the desert, and the insatiable jam “I Got The Reason #1” leaves Jason in the lobby of a hotel, waiting for the next surprise.

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