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World Domination Enterprises – Lets Play Domination

What a welcome surprise to have this release: Lets Play Domination (sometimes spelled with the apostrophe) by World Domination Enterprises. This reissue of the band's 1988 album reminds you of what effects a radical record from the past can have on today's music. While not without its missteps, this is still a breakthrough record that hasn't gotten … [Read more...]

James Husband – A Parallax I

What makes a band like Of Montreal so good is not just their wide array of styles, their effective punch of showy glamour or even their impeccable knack at writing terrific melodies but that they take all of their influences and bring them up with the best touches. Kevin Barnes has always made sure that we all know just how much he loves The … [Read more...]

Wiretree – Luck

Album art can be deceiving. The black and twisted metal that graces Luck made me think I was about to listen to some Fuel or something.  So, upon hearing thoughtful acoustic-pop, I was pleasantly surprised. This is Wiretree's sophomore album, in which they've added a little more jab to their earlier, softer work. This is a quintet of simple … [Read more...]

Charlotte Gainsbourg – “IRM”

Charlotte Gainsbourg (hopefully) needs no introduction.  “IRM” is the first single off Charlotte’s new album IRM, which she co-produced with Beck.  In order to more fully appreciate “IRM”, however, it would be prudent to pinpoint certain events in her recent past that have lead up to its creation.  Over a year after the release of her second album … [Read more...]

Live performance video and tour from Warpaint

Warpaint So simple. Straightforward. Three beautiful girls making beautiful music. Watch Here: MySpace Site: Upcoming Shows ( view all ) Nov 30 2009 7:00P GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL w/ Vic Chesnutt San Francisco, … [Read more...]

New album and tour from mr. Gnome

Heave Yer Skeleton, the follow-up to mr. Gnome's debut full-length, Deliver This Creature, promises to be no less a musical twist than the last offering. Returning with the same basic, minimalist ingredients; a soulful, feminine power and inventive, dynamic drumming, the two are suspended in a sea of drug-induced themes pouring from their … [Read more...]

Jesu – Opiate Sun

By this point in time, Justin Broadrick possesses the type of storied career that should give newcomers something to aspire to, and peers much to muse over: the man’s been subconsciously nurturing the music scene away from tired tropes for over 20 years, officially “dabbling” in the invention of grindcore via Napalm Death as a teenager, helming the … [Read more...]

Linda Draper – Bridge and Tunnel

Singer-songwriter Linda Draper returns with her 3rd album for Planting Seeds Records, an understated, lyrics-centric, alt-folk confessional with clear, upfront vocals.  While Linda is not a powerhouse vocalist, she still acutely conveys her reflective, melancholic lyrics, ably accompanied by low-key, fluidly-picked acoustic guitar lines, solemn, … [Read more...]

Them Crooked Vultures – Them Crooked Vultures

The idea of Them Crooked Vultures sounded too good to be true. How could one take frontman Joshua Homme and reconnect him with the awesome drumming of Dave Grohl? But even with them two, they decided to also throw in Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones to play bass, for good measure. And yes, we’re talking about Jones, who was the bassist for one of the … [Read more...]

New album from KatieJane Garside’s Ruby Throat

dear all and so we are here...ruby throat's 2nd album 'out of a black cloud came a bird' is 'complete'. some words i found in kjg's journal might suggest the place this record came from - 'a long summer of serrated, grinding seconds moving over my body, tectonic plates, a slow painful being erased, a breakdown recorded, a devastation of … [Read more...]