Official Newsletter from Secret Shine


We’re now furrowing back into our den and going into winter hibernation, except we won’t be sleeping. We will be working hard (until Christmas intrudes) recording vocals, some more guitars and adding some sparkly touches to our new record, with a spring 2010 release in mind. We are finally conceding that CDs are not as popular as they once were so the  actual pressing may be limited but it will be available to download everywhere. For those, like me, who still love vinyl and CDs (I’ve never downloaded one single song), don’t worry because we have a couple of offers  to do some vinyl seven inches next year.

If you fancy a sneak preview of one of our new songs then visit This is Touching Nothing recorded acoustically at the Big Pink Cake weekender during the summer. Kathryn was actually in the audience rather than singing but Dean does a good job as choir boy.

On the subject of Big Pink Cake – keep an eye on their myspace for some great gigs and events, although it’s better if you live in Bristol because this is where most of them are held. We’re looking forward to seeing Clare Wadd from Sarah Records DJ’ing December 5th at the Mother’s Ruin. We’ll be on the dancefloor, unless she plays one of our songs like last time – that  might look a little embarrassing, dancing to your own song!

And finally, we’ve really enjoyed our laptop gigs lately but we’re kind of thinking a drummer would be cool again so if you know anyone who might be interested in joining us then please let us know. Preferably someone who lives somewhere in the south west UK!

Happy winter, more news soon


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