Black Box Nation – Demos EP

Black Box Nation - Demos EP

Black Box Nation - Demos EP

Out of the ashes of Will’em Gator’s (guitar, synth, backing vocals) and Francis Violi’s (vocals) previous band, Davincisdrama, rises Black Box Nation, which also includes Frederico Laudani (guitar), Davide Trovato (bass), and Riccardo Napoli (drums).  This Italian band is in the process of refining its sound, merging guitars, electronic elements, and English lyrics on this 6-song demo EP, offering up a blend of guitar, bass, and drums that recall Interpol and Longwave, but with vocals that are not quite up to snuff.  The musicianship is solid, but the vocals aren’t polished and it’s difficult to discern and comprehend the English lyrics that are delivered by lead singer Francis.

The deep, running bass line, thudding drums, sparkling synth notes, and catchy, jagged guitar on “The Great Addiction” all show promise, but they are let down by the unwieldy vocal enunciation and too light tone that doesn’t convey the foreboding instrumental vibe.  Francis comes off stronger and more assured on the exclamatory segments further into the song as distorted guitars rise in the mix.

A reverberating, spiraling-down sound sustains “Here It Comes” along with the occasional fast-paced, pounded drums.  Random depressing phrases can be sussed out amid lighter guitar notes on the verses, like “…as you feel dead…revealing nothing…like it’s over…nothing new…I’m really nothing…I’m really nowhere.” and on the chorus the guitars lift up brightly, ringing in a higher pitch as the vocals also rise amid a conglomeration of guitars, drum beat, and cymbal crash.  A rapid tempo of cantering drums and cymbal hits runs through “Just Crash?” along with Depeche Mode-like siren sonics and a grimy bass line as Francis intones “My eyes close / I know I can fly / I just see inside…”

Black Box Nation