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Boris – Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1-3

For a band operating with as much unparalleled prolificacy as Japan’s Boris, 2009 has been relatively uneventful. Although already having issued splits with fellow countrymen 9dw and pop-by-way-of-metal colleagues Torche this past August, it wasn’t unreasonable to expect news of even more Boris material by year’s end (just look back at calendars … [Read more...]

John Nolan – Height

Having done time as the front man for both Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run, songwriter John Nolan has decided to break free and go the route of the solo artist. His first proper full length – fresh on the heels of Straylight Run’s About Time EP – finds Nolan digging through the vault and emerging with several songs that balance the volatile … [Read more...]

Ichabod – 2012 EP

Part System Of A Down and Swedish D-beat phenomenon Disfear, Massachusetts' own Ichabod blasts into this 8 song EP with the distinct technicality of the likes of Mastodon and Bloodlet. Enough name dropping in one sentence?  This only raises the bar and puts Ichabod at a non-distinct level where they remain un-categorizable. The riffs are that of … [Read more...]

Interview with David “Moose” Adamson of Jookabox

Following the release of their latest triumph, Dead Zone Boys, David “Moose” Adamson – the grand Grampall of Jookabox – took time out of his busy schedule to catch up with Delusions of Adequacy’s Bryan Sanchez. And even when they’re on their way to Brooklyn for another terrific show, Adamson sounds bubbly, energetic and raucously … [Read more...]

Solo debut from Jason Boesel slated for January

For the last 15 years, LA-based drummer Jason Boesel has been planted firmly behind the kit, keeping time for some of the decade's most influential indie bands (Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes). Boesel was inspired to write his own record after his friends raved about the first song he ever wrote: 'Hustler's Son.' Now, he's ready to take "the bull by the … [Read more...]

Chris Brokaw – VDSQ: Solo Acoustic Volume 3

Whilst Chris Brokaw’s collaborative roles, as both a full band member (in Codeine, Come, Pullman et al.) and an on-hire guest-player (for Evan Dando, Steve Wynn, Karate, ad infinitum), have been quite easily definable, his solo career - which began around the turn of the decade - has been far harder to pin-down and pigeon-hole.  Zigzagging through … [Read more...]

MEM – Archaea

If you dislike Coldplay, then you'll probably hate MEM. Yes, the former band eventually won respect in some indie-elite circles, but a lot of the same complaints heaped on Chris Martin and company would apply here, too. The chief concern is that MEM's Archaea rides innovative rock formulas towards adult-contemporary land--that templated, manicured … [Read more...]

Signer – Next We Bring You the Fire

Isn’t it amazing just how much music can pass us by the wayside, before we’re even able to notice? As Signer, New Zealand native Bevan Smith has already made three other albums that unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of listening to. It’s especially disappointing when one thinks about how much music they feel they have heard and how much … [Read more...]

New sophomore album from Wes Willenbring

American post-ambient craftsman Wes Willenbring releases Close, But Not Too Close and it shows Willenbring developing on the gorgeous palette of tones explored on acclaimed debut Somewhere, Someone Else. As with Willenbring’s debut, Close, But Not Too Close is all about time in both its broadest and most discrete sense. There is a deliberation … [Read more...]

MEandJOANCOLLINS – 2009 Boston Music Award Nominee

The gritty garage and glam rock stylings of Cambridge-based MEandJOANCOLLINS have garnered the band a nomination at this year's Boston Music Awards. DOA's review of the band's swaggering debut LP, Love. Trust. Faith. Lust., is available here. You can also help the band clinch the Pop Act of the Year award by voting on the BMA homepage . … [Read more...]