The Lovely Eggs – “Haunt Me Out!”

"Haunt Me Out!" by The Lovely Eggs

“Haunt Me Out!” by The Lovely Eggs appears just in time for Halloween festivities and, in the words of Holly and David (or is that Twin Peaks?), “The Eggs are NOT what they seem!!”  This new single is available as an extremely limited release of 100 CD copies (with the Twin Peaks mystique continuing on the b-sides “It’s Spooky” and “Rappin’ In Plastic”) and is also on iTunes.

The song starts out innocently enough, with the languid tap of a tambourine and guitar refrain with Holly sing-talking up ‘n’ down the scales, piping up with the phrase “haunt me out”, channeling a 1960s girl group vibe.  Tart slices of Twin Peaks-inspired spoken vocals are intermixed (“Leland Palmer’s invited me to tea”), augmented by spine-tingling swooshes of wind, high-spirited, faux-sinister cackling, and gleefully goulash…no, ghoulish “Ooohs” by both David and Holly.  It’s a delightful scream.