The Leisure Society – “We Were Wasted”

What starts out as something that could possibly be found on Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left, The Leisure Society step out from behind The Shins sound with “We Were Wasted”. A lovely, orchestrated 3 minutes of absolute wonderment. This UK 7 piece swoon on this track taken from their 2009 debut album The Sleeper. The cover depicts a bit of art with a Jetsons flair of a man standing atop a towering diving board. A pink man above the blue. It could be that i’m reading into it too much but, we know how society puts everything into it’s “proper” category. Here we have a lonely being contemplating his death. He is the color pink and he must decide weather or not to jump into the blue. He is alone in the struggle to definine his own sexuality?.  It could stand to reason that the colors found on the cover do not mean a thing and the true observation one must make is the music contained within.

There is talk in “We Were Wasted” of hanging up one’s skin. A shedding of the natural self, a removal from the constraints felt when dealing with the outside world. “We Were Wasted”, although taken from their debut album, seems to be the kind of track comfortably culled from a Simon And Garfunkel Anthology. Whispering behind the vocals one can hear the gentle string accompaniment and is immediately swept into a tragedy of mythical proportions. I believe the best dream-like state I can imagine “We Were Wasted” fitting in to would be to watch the movie “Legend” (yes, with Tom Cruise) and turn the volume down, playing the movie back in slow motion. Now listen to the strings careen up and down like your hand sticking out of the passenger side window swaying in the breeze like that of an airplane. It is this that, I see suiting this beautiful number. We were wasted son, spoken on the drive. As an innocence creeps into your ears you must realize that as hung over as they were “from the night club to our drive, all the way we sang”. So, The Leisure Society take what is usually best left told by bands of the Sunset Strip and turn it into this truly tearful experience. It is for this listener an amazing contradiction how The Leisure Society flip the leaf from drinking and booze and debauchery into pure and simple beauty. The harmonies alone on “We Were Wasted” set the stage for the mind to wonder, and wander through every break up and broken heart, and all the while knowing that this isn’t what was meant to be translated. We must forget what we know, scratch away the surface emotions and lift those layers. If you can take my advice, this song will set your soul to dreaming, and possibly melt it with all things immaculate.

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