The Kut – “Doesn’t Matter Anyway”


The Kut

An entirely new genre of music has appeared, as if by some weird process of transmutation, from the depths of the darkened maze that is the New Cross scene, or just south London (if you’d prefer things didn’t get too geographical). Leading a new take on some glitzy guitar rock stylings and with an emphasis on songwriting rather than just image, The Kut are the first but very unlikely to be the last band you will hear described as “Basement Rock”.

Mere hype, I hear you scoff, yet more mockery chancers rejigging old Cure riffs and dressing a bit 1920s, how predictable. Very wrong. Not yet perhaps household names, but lead Kut vocalist/guitarist Maha recently secured an endorsement deal with Marshall Amplification, and everyone who knows what an electric guitar is has heard of that very prestigious company, and Marshall’s faith in the abilities of their new signings is very far from misplaced. The Kut is indeed a very talented bunch of musicians, and a colourful and entertaining live experience awaits anyone who sees their upcoming UK tour. And with a company as well-regarded as Marshall behind them, we can expect a US visit from Maha, Jade and Elvira sometime soon. Just to give you an idea of what to expect, here’s the Kut’s video for their “Doesn’t Matter Anyway” single, released as a vinyl double A side on 19th October: