Sugarplum Fairies – Chinese Leftovers

Sugarplum Fairies - Chinese Leftovers

Sugarplum Fairies - Chinese Leftovers

With a song featured on TV’s Grey’s Anatomy, a sultry female singer, and the name Sugarplum Fairies, this indie-twee duo sound just about how you would expect them to sound. Amiable dream-pop, tastefully garnished with horns and melancholic strings and some pleasantly soft piano passages. Only these fairies also carry a slight country twang for a sound that lands somewhere between Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star.

An array of colorful instruments like glockenspiel, strings, mellophone and pedal steel are blended with the tender guitar strums and bright keyboard melodies to round out the sound and presumably to add some artistic flair and direct the song’s mood. It occasionally works well, but over the course of the record serves only to add fluff as these pleasant tunes never seem to reach a pinnacle, or their destination, leaving the listener not quite satisfied and craving something with a little more bite.

Even the honeyed, atmospheric vocals can’t keep this collection of lullabies from being considered underwhelming as the arrangements aren’t dynamic enough, resulting in some moderately pleasing yet unspectacular songs. Too many tracks get stuck in neutral and flounder in a haze of twee and don’t sound like anything you haven’t heard before.

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