Simon Joyner – “Roll On”

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Simon Joyner comes at us with “Roll On” from, are you sitting down?, his twelfth record titled “Out In The Snow”. Joyner’s first release was back in 1993. A troubadour who has earned his stripes and deserves to be recognized. His releases run the gambit of media, form and availability. When one sees the name most prominent backing his albums is the Indiana based label Jagaguwar, then we know where Joyner stands. This track begins with Joyner, as I picture him, at a piano after a long night of rowdiness, paper streamers hanging from the chandelier. There’s toppled wine bottles and balloons, a few passed out bodies here and there. He sits, and in a drunken haze spills his soul and screams it out in an arm and arm chorus with all of his other broken down friends. What are you going to do after the party has ended for you and this world as you know it has finally come to a close?, “Roll On” he says. One can only crack a smile upon hearing Joyner cough and chuckle at the need to break out in song as he tries to get the tale out. He is noticeably fed up, “confess your ignorance” he belts out, offering up some options for this down trodden lady of the day. Perhaps it’s a bit deeper than that, could be a lady, might be a jangly metaphor of sorts for all of us that are collectively sad and low-down. Not too often do we find a single light of hope in these types of dark times so maybe the last thing we want to do is to roll on. Joyner forces the thought into the brain. “Roll On”, heavily laced with lap steel, a swinging feel backed with deep country roots, Joyner is perhaps the 2009 version of a coupling of a few of the finest balladeers of our time. Never one to put an artist in a box I will say that “Roll On” is equal parts George Jones, Hank Williams and just about every one at your local bar, drowning their sorrows in tall glass of Old Milwaukee. Joyner could quite possibly be the kick in the ass we need to get us up off of our stools.

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