Open Work Stocking – Diademia

Open Work Stocking - Diademia

Open Work Stocking - Diademia

Diademia, the debut by Russian one man electronic music project Open Work Stocking, is a wash of ambient insignificance. “Turquoise”, the opening track, shows the album’s sonic formula: a looped piano figure running a meek scale, grating synths over an already too-trebly mix, and a beat that falls flat. All of it is filler, none of it is interesting.

Some people who labor mindlessly at a computer for hours like to have something–anything–playing in the background or on their headphones. When a person says an album is good for that purpose, it usually sounds like a backhanded compliment to me, like saying, “It’s music I don’t really have to listen to”. What artist wants their work ignored? Regardless, Diademia might be good for this, but I doubt it.

The album’s one exception is “Antidote for Myself”, an experimental track whose odd and definite changes happen modestly. This one is just a bit provocative and mysterious whereas the others are just thoughtless and bland.

Both tracks mentioned here, “Turquoise” and “Antidote for Myself”, can be heard on Open Work Stocking’s Myspace.

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