Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls – Catching More Than We Miss

Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls- Catching More Than We Missed

Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls - Catching More Than We Missed

Miles Hunt’s career spans over 22 years, most notably as the main man in The Wonder Stuff, so naturally on Catching More Than We Miss, the songs sound accomplished and confident. Miles employs Erica Nockalls for their second album, which gives a great complement to Miles’ songwriting, with her outstanding violin play. This duo reminds me of the music The Decemberists would make if they stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and a violin, where the instruments have a folksy twinge to them. Miles and Colin Meloy couldn’t be more different, of course, but Miles has quite a bit of singularity in his style, as well. He tells short stories with strong lyrical content, sung through stout pop melodies, all the while, Nockalls’ shivering violin supports the richness of the music.

Miles’ melody and the violin don’t intertwine with each other better than on songs like, “Stay Scared, Stay True,” “Fill Her Up & Foot Down,” and “Were You There?” Often Miles will delivery a great line, followed by a accompanying violin riff to reinforce what was just sang. It’s a sweet harmony that adds a lot of replayability to songs that don’t have a lot of overt hooks, but succeed in their fine craftsmanship and little nuances that are worth multiple plays. Outside of those three stand-outs, every other song is quite strong, playing to Miles and Erica’s strengths. Every song uses acoustic guitar and time-keeping percussion as the backbone for the song, while the violin’s beauty controls the creative aspect of the instrumentation, while Miles’ work as a frontman can’t go overstated. He sounds like he truly believes what he’s singing, and that each line is a type of catharsis. What Miles and Erica have here is an amazingly solid album, that will please almost anybody, and hold up after multiple listens, and hopefully, will be a gateway to Miles’ lengthy catalog.