Jeff The Brotherhood – Heavy Days

Jeff The Brotherhood - Heavy Days

Jeff The Brotherhood - Heavy Days

You can definitely hear them rev up the engine a few times, but Heavy Days, the new album by Jeff The Brotherhood, never quite takes off. But that’s fine, because this little Nashville, Tennessee duo sounds like they might be on to something. Problem is they have yet to figure out just what kind of band they are. Half of this album sounds like a Queens of the Stone Age offshoot, and the other, better half sounds like power pop. This engine doesn’t purr, but the parts are still being fitted.

Jeff The Brotherhood amps up basic garage rock with a muddy, stoner surge. Beats are always steady on Heavy Days and the guitars gush distorted fuzz. The vocals, while showing limited range, suit the music well because their docile monotony rings out over those murky jams. Despite Jeff The Brotherhood’s taste for psychedelic touches, their no-frills approach approximates minimalism. Take, for example, “Heavy Days”, the album’s driving opener, and “Growing”. The latter of those tracks typifies the album’s worst. These are cruising little rock songs, but they go nowhere. And the little psychedelic effects often feel like a vain attempt to make the drive seem more interesting than it really is.

These button-down rockers are bested by the band’s forays into power pop. Punk energy and some restrained hooks flavor Jeff The Brotherhood’s best efforts, including “Heavy Damage”, “Dreamscape”, and “Mind Ride”. “Bone Jam” will give a small taste of this; hear it on Jeff The Brotherhood’s Myspace page. One of the album’s best tracks is “The Tropics,” a silly, endearing, stoner’s blend of Kiss and The Beach Boys that plods with thick, heavy chords under the awkwardly emoting vocal hook.

Given its ups and down, Heavy Days comes out even-steven. There’s miles to go yet, but ultimately Jeff The Brotherhood will be worth the trip.

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