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Lightning Bolt – Earthly Delights

One of the best topics amongst music fanatics is their choice of listening preference. Do you need to hear something in your car to form a valid opinion? Is listening to an album on a good pair of headphones worthwhile? Does it even matter if it’s blaring from your cheap computer speakers? If you ask me, the music of noise rock duo Lightning Bolt, … [Read more...]

Guignol & Mischief Brew – Fight Dirty

Not being at all familiar with the separate work of Guignol or Mischief Brew, the bands' collaborative release Fight Dirty strikes me as an album recorded by just one, incredibly cohesive band. I'll further admit to not being at all familiar with the members of Guignol's other bands (The Hold Steady, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Antony & … [Read more...]

Dualist – We Are You

Dualist sounds a lot like old Interpol. That might be enough of a review right there, but we'll continue. It's actually not enough to say the band does Interpol because the vocals aren't as gloomy and the band introduces enough small touches to distinguish it from Bright Lights. But overall, it's a lot like Interpol, and so you may have all the … [Read more...]

Debut album from Old Wives’ Tale

It’ll take just one listen to the debut recording from Miami duo Old Wives’ Tale to understand why brothers Jaime and Felipe Valencia have coined it “amphetamine music.” [MP3] “[15] Amphetamine”: The Valencia brothers formed Old Wives’ Tale in 2006 shortly after making the decision to relegate … [Read more...]

U.S. release of Hawksley Workman album

The multiple Juno Award-winning Canadian rocker, singer-songwriter, producer and writer Hawksley Workman has announced the first ever U.S. release of his landmark 2000 debut album For Him And The Girls, set for release November 17, 2009 on Hawksley's own Isadora Records. Written, produced, and performed … [Read more...]

Elisa Luu – Chromatic Sigh

A stellar work of ambience, Chromatic Sigh refracts the sound of cool intelligence. As far as descriptions go, you can trot out the usual suspects, like shimmering and sparkling, because they apply in abundance. The artist, Elisa Luu from Rome, Italy, composes with a maturity and patience that you can hear on this refined debut. On first listen … [Read more...]

Nothern Howl- All That’s Under the Night’s Sky

It's Sufjan Stevens for people who think Sufjan is overlong! I mean, one of the biggest knocks on Sufjan, if someone has a beef against him, is that his songs and albums run too long. Nothern Howl give the baroque-folk genre a nice spark to keep enthusiasts of this type of music something to be invested in for a while. Every song is a winner, but … [Read more...]

The Lillapucians- “The Impractical Line”

Their name may originally mean ‘tiny people,’ but their sound is enormous . The Lillapucians are a four piece band from Queens, NY that started rockin’ back in ’05. They’ve played main stage at the Knitting Factory, and came in first place at the 2008 Exposure Music Festival. But, the best thing about them- they are here to help the rest of the … [Read more...]

iM.G.R. y Destructo Swarmbots! – Amigos de la Guitarra

Anyone who seeks out physical copies of albums these days knows that there is a certain magic in getting home, ripping the package open and reading the liner notes as you take in the music. Now, there aren't many notes in this release from iMGR y Destructo Swarmbots, Amigos de la Guitarra. The images don't impress a whole lot either; but what did … [Read more...]

Free EP download from Syntaks

In advance of the Danish duo's new album Ylagali, the band members have released this taster EP on Ghostly International.  Download the tracks "Sudden Dream" and "Mistral Moon (Illuminated Version) here: Syntaks' songs are textural epics in miniature, meticulously detailed shoegaze symphonies built … [Read more...]