We’ll Go Machete – s/t EP

We'll Go Machete - EP

We'll Go Machete - s/t EP

We’ll Go Machete’s self-titled debut EP is a stout bit of rock music. Exploring the roughage of 1990’s hard rock and post-punk, this Austin band hacks more so than slashes with their sound. Their sinewy songs roundly amplify a paced but aggressive sonic attack. Post-punk riffage and hard rock confidence are its method.

To rival those chugging, charging guitars, the shouted vocal rings just above the mix like a cheer over a stirred up high school pep rally. The rhythm section rocks steady even when it stops and stutters. It’s a decent sound made solid with good studio production that is equal to the song writing.

Everything is good here. Not terribly exciting, but good.

The best hard and aggressive rock music hints at danger or, at least, some mischief. I don’t sense that with We’ll Go Machete. So if you’re married to hard rock with some flash and a case of manic depression, this EP won’t pass. It may be loud, but it’s loud in a button-down kind of way.

My favorite tracks are the last two: “Thatch” and “All At Sea”. “Thatch” is a school on rock riffing set to a hearty beat. Here you’ll find the right mix of pacing, attitude, energy, and musicianship you need. More solid riffage, this time at a protracted pace, comes with album closer “All At Sea”. This is the EP’s most complete song, offering dynamics and development that make the song worthy of its more than five and half minute run.

Although not as potent as “Thatch” and “All At Sea”, the EP’s first four tracks have their moments. Composed with a taste for pop, “Number 12” is the most catchy song. It’s fun, for a change, and also boasts the EP’s best guitar solo.  “Red Maddens the Bull” taps a sense of urgency, and “The Old Beast Will Crumble” channels the spirit of some of We’ll Go Machete’s better influences–Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard among them. The EP’s reject is “Archibald” , a tired, metal-tinged track bogged down in it’s own change-ups, starts, and stops.

But a debut EP is the best tool a band has to isolate what works and what doesn’t. And on theirs, We’ll Go Machete have a lot to work with.