The 757s – Freeway Surrender

The 757s - Freeway Surrender

The 757s - Freeway Surrender

Minnesotan band The 757s might as well be from Your Town, USA. With catchy pop songs rubbed out raw enough to find refuge in garages and dive bars everywhere, this veteran quartet’s album Freeway Surrender comes a dime a dozen. And the disc’s weak production doesn’t help. Live, these guys probably make for a good show. But they offer no reason to choose them over the choice bar band near you.

On Freeway Surrender, guitars, bass, and drums all rock steady. The vocal, a bit scratchy and loosely delivered, vaguely echoes Tom Petty. Hooks are found in the choruses, some of them better than others, and everything is packaged with little drama. The album has one standout: “Narcissism”. It’s the kind of song that taps into the young, good looking rebel in us all. Just try not to stick your chin out while singing the chorus lyric “You like to say ‘So what?’ (So what?) / Your narcissism is so mediocre”. That attitude is amplified by the dueling lead guitars bending their mids and highs.

Other bright spots come on the tracks “Stagnation” and “Shirley Maclaine”. The former carries a positive energy that make this a solid pick for highway travel. The latter, stupid but catchy, shows the band’s chummy personality. Otherwise, The 757s don’t step out from the very crowded pack because Freeway Surrender is just average rock watered down with poor production.

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