Skiggy Rapz – Bang to the Boogie EP

Skiggy Rapz – Bang to the Boogie EP

Skiggy Rapz – Bang to the Boogie EP

Outlining laid-back, relaxed rhymes and lyrics with a feverish flow, Dutch rapper/producer, Skiggy Rapz (Marcel Tegelaar), delivers music in a wide array of styles. A difference that isn’t conveyed so much in the actual genre but more so, the technique utilized in his songs, Tegelaar is a flashy and easygoing fellow. And for the most part, his new EP, Bang to the Boogie, is another solid release in his abundant catalog.

The middle song, “Today,” is an uplifting and reflective piece. Its R&B is enriched by soul-filling singer, Tienus, and here, Tegelaar’s lyrics verse into the positive outlook on life. And while the music’s polished and clairvoyantly optimistic, it never feels fake. On a dissimilar note, the opening title track is all swagger and fun. Borrowing from many artists and ripping Kid Rock’s infamous “Bang to the boogie, said up jump the boogie” line, Tegelaar puts his confidence on full display. And mixing his flow from a speedy race to a back-tracking cool, his skill is never in question.

Lack of coherency aside, the ideas that do work on Bang to the Boogie feature some clear-headed thoughts. Like a softer Aesop Rock, with the live instrumentation of Atmosphere, Tegelaar never shies from bringing his story-telling to the front of the track. Whenever you can combine an impressive drum set, with jazzy horns and even a tempo shift in mid-song (“Sure Shot”) then you are onto something.

The five song EP comes with four extra tracks that find Tegelaar in an even more relaxed state. A couple of remixes and two bonus songs, the songs are highlighted by smoothly delivered rapping. Where the five previous songs showcase a smart and gifted MC, these four extras provide an insightful look into the potential that Tegelaar possesses. Surely, if he continues at this pace, there should be more music and opportunities available.

Fans of Skiggy Rapz’ music are definitely going to appreciate the kind of composure he’s establishing with his music. And for all the head-turning words he pieces together comes along some bright music that just as easily, makes your ear tingles. “Runnin’ Outta Sole” is a terrific pun and play that kicks at the notion of failing to succeed in sincerity. But the irony, with a piano that actually does carry a world of soul, forms a bona fide winner of a song. 

When you’ve set the bar at a modest height, the press release offers this as the “soundtrack to your summer,” the goal is worth every inch to attain—such wording suggests a calming glow of sheen. It’s fair to agree that Tegelaar has done well in achieving and surpassing his mark. Next time you’re cruising at night, let the windows down and allow this EP to soothingly take you home.

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