New Pariah Piranha album on Queer Control Records

Pariah Piranha’s album People People, produced by Pere Ubu and They Might Be Giants bassist Tony Maimone, is the band’s latest for the San Francisco-based label Queer Control Records.

The York, Pennsylvania-based band, Pariah Piranha is a product of the 90’s and will remain forever nostalgic. “When we were in high school, people called some music ‘alternative.’ It was a genre. It actually meant something. I think Pariah Piranha sounds like that,” says vocalist Tara Gordon.

Emerging from the Riot Grrl movement, the Queercore music scene, and DIY culture in general, Queer Control Records exists to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning musicians and artists.

[MP3] “Green Rooms”:

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