Malcolm Middleton – “Carry Me”

Waxing Gibbous

Malcolm Middleton - "Carry Me"

Malcolm Middleton, Scottish bloke, heart warmer and the other half of the now defunct Arab Strap. If you’ve heard anything off of his 2007 album “A Brighter Beat”, then you instantly know what you’re in for. “Carry Me” comes from Middleton’s sixth and most current release titled “Waxing Gibbous”. There aren’t a lot of artists out there that can totally encapsulate the roller coaster of emotions that go along with our everyday life. This kind of personal out-pour of Middleton’s diary of the heart is apparent on every track. With the song “Carry Me”, his book is open once again. It’s simple to hear in the opening chords that this will not be good. I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Middleton is about to carry us down and make us a part of his daily sorrow. Loss, regret, and disappointment are just three words easily used to express “Carry Me”. Let it be known that there is nothing easy about dealing with such things. Middleton dreams of a better life for himself but sadly the realization is that, he is who he is. He must now depend on someone else to carry him and pray for his soul. He sings only to cover up his sadness by the telling of someone else’s. It is Middleton here in “Carry Me” that is getting worse, and possibly at his end. The song, coupled with carol-esq background singers only add to the matching of Middleton’s longing and what I believe to be the stereotypical loneliness felt during such times. “Carry Me” ends with Middleton wondering if this chosen one will in fact carry him, and pray for his soul. This may be the only shining hope found in “Carry Me”.

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