Iron Age – “Dispossessed”

Iron Age

Iron Age - "Dispossessed"

The band, Iron Age. The song, “Dispossessed”. A few seconds in and this tune reeks of Metallica covering Iron Maiden’s “Run For The Hills”. I must say that overall there is a sense of this band being larger than life. I see stadiums, I see flames, I see world domination. Low and behold “Dispossesed” is off of their second album titled “The Sleeping Eye”. This Austin, Texas outfit defiantly bring it. Trudge a bit further and you’re thrust into the high speed world that once belonged to Motorhead, musically as well as vocally. I found myself immediately going to their Myspace page to see if they were coming my way.¬†Strangely enough “Dispossessed” makes me think they’re coming my way regardless if it be in human form or merely as a mythical underworld premonition.

But honestly, this band must breathe fire and destroy small villages. If they don’t then they need to start and i’m right behind them. Logging in at just under 5 minutes, “Dispossessed” as well as Iron Age both prevail and join forces. Together they belong among the ranks with Iron Maiden and all of their glory. There is always room for Iron Age at Manowar’s table as well, i’m sure that Eric, Joey, Carl and Scott would welcome Iron Age with open arms. In no way do I intend to confuse the listener by comparing Iron Age to such metal giants. I firmly believe that although “Dispossesed” fairs better among them, the song also fairs just as well with new comers such as The Sword, and the Canadian stoner metal band Priestess. I don’t feel much of the so called “beer soaked” innuendos that I’ve read about Iron Age. I firmly believe that Iron Age is simply a great rock and roll band that is full of all the best that can come from an obvious influence to the music of such greats as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and early Metallica. I not only want the live experience, I also want to ride horseback with theses fine gents and save the earth from impending doom. I want to carve our names in the landscape all the while clothed in suits we’ve made from the finest three headed dragon.

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