Darlings – “We’re Not Going”

Darlings- "We're Not Going"

Darlings - "We're Not Going"

The “garage band” ethos has existed for a few decades now, and with their new track “We’re Not Going,” New York City band Darlings is doing its part to carry on this tradition.

The song kicks off with a sludgy, rythmic guitar riff, which sounds like it could have been written on the spot. The music seems like it was written for a hot city day, and with a band that takes great pride in their hometown, the influence of their peers is obvious. With a poppy sound similar to the garage rock revival bands like the Hives or the Strokes, the song relies on guitars that intertwine throughout its entirety, and teeters on the point of falling off the tracks.

The vocals on the track range from the laid back coolness of Julian Casablancas or Carl Barât, to a more powerful Westerbergian howl when the chorus begins. While the subject matter may be simplistic, the lyrics evoke  powerful, albeit childish, imagery. In regards to the simple idea of going out, the singer rhetorts: “I really like this couch / And I like you / So fuck that place.” Brilliant? Maybe not. But effective, catchy, and very fun to listen to? Certainly.