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Monsters Of Folk – self-titled

For this ‘super-group’ collaboration between M. Ward, Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes/Mystic Valley Band) and Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes/Lullaby For The Working Class/producer for hire) the comparisons with ‘70s Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have been lazily and too quickly applied.  For whilst there are telekinetic group … [Read more...]

Tobias Hengeveld – All The Lines Are Down

Though his fiddle and whistle skills aren’t quite virtuosic, there are an uncanny number of parallels between Aussie folkster Tobias Hengeveld and Chicago’s Andrew Bird. Both of them showcase the expressive capabilities of the acoustic guitar throughout their work, all the while imbuing the songs with a sense of striking austerity. They’ve both … [Read more...]

Into It. Over It. – 52 Weeks

The tale of Into It. Over It.'s 52 Weeks can easily fill up an entire review. That's because for Evan Thomas Weiss, it is an entire year. Weiss, most notably of NJ's The Progress and NY's Damiera, set out to write and record a song every week for an entire year (52 weeks, get it?). A substantial solo mission which consumed and documented being … [Read more...]

Vagina Panther rock out with new album in November

Vagina Panther recorded 11 tracks of white hot guitar sludge with producer/engineer Mario “J” McNulty (Ravonettes, Anti-Flag, David Bowie) at New York City’s infamous Looking Glass Studios right before it was shuttered. The band’s self-titled debut is made to be played LOUD and to disturb the neighbors. From the stoner pop of “Dave, You Are Killing … [Read more...]

Islands – Vapours

Sure, disappointments are hard lessons learned. There’s the kind of let downs where failing seems inevitable and on the flip side, there are disappointments where you push and struggle and still come up short. Ever extensively study for a test, feeling confidently ready to find out you only got 26 out of the 40 questions right? Ugh, what a drag … [Read more...]

Miss Autopsy – Caterpillar

Caterpillar is either art rock or a mockery. I side with the latter. The band responsible, Miss Autopsy, is one Steve Beyerink. Although often described as a bothered blend of post-punk and blues, Miss Autopsy's sound is best likened to musical performance art--the kind you might hear at a middling poetry slam. The repetitive, distressed songs … [Read more...]

Kalamazoo – How To Hunt A Deer

Is it important that I mention that Kalamazoo is French? The band themselves probably wouldn't think so, and none of their declared influences are european. The Parisian four piece are fully paid up anglophiles, aficianados of the works of Kings Of Leon, Radiohhead, Interpol, Pixies, Arctic Monkeys .... none of them French bands. What does this … [Read more...]

Still Light – “Tenebre”

Still Light is an eclectic trio joining Edinburgh based Singer/Songwriter Lucy Hague, London based artist Sand Snowman, and Kirill Nikolai. My original search led me to Kirill Nikolai, who I was surprised to see Irish born painter Francis Bacon sighted as an influence. Also among the top friends listed I find Nick Drake. Upon seeing this I am … [Read more...]

New Pariah Piranha album on Queer Control Records

Pariah Piranha’s album People People, produced by Pere Ubu and They Might Be Giants bassist Tony Maimone, is the band’s latest for the San Francisco-based label Queer Control Records. The York, Pennsylvania-based band, Pariah Piranha is a product of the 90’s and will remain forever nostalgic. “When we were in high school, people called some … [Read more...]

Why? – Eskimo Snow

You’ve gotta love an artist who always finds ways to surprise you. Yoni Wolf has consistently surprised over the course of albums by cLOUDDEAD, Hymie’s Basement, Reaching Quiet, and for the last seven years as Why?, a project which shares a name with his hip-hop alias.  Just starting with the Why? material alone, you see Wolf moving from the … [Read more...]