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Ty Segall – Lemons

One-man act Ty Segall drew a fan base in the Bay Area and then successfully cast a bigger net with his well-received 2008 self-titled debut. 2009's follow up, Lemons, builds and improves on all Segall's previous efforts. Segall fits well into the long lineage of underground solo artists who emerge like a pimple, stewing under the surface a bit … [Read more...]

Hunter, Run! – EP2

Spending 10 minutes with Hunter, Run! seems reasonable in the digital ADD era. With two LP's in 3 years, Hunter, Run! can get away with a two song EP that captures the band's energy onto one easy to digest release. Jangly guitars and pounding percussion give life to this melodic power-pop band, along with the energetic vocals. "If I Had the … [Read more...]

Chinese – The Conquest Of Tomorrow Today

I’ll be honest with you guys, if only because I love you: I’m not a fan of instrumental music. Forget arguments about music vs. lyrics and which is most important, because to me a successful band needs both. Obviously, the way a song progresses, the sound of the instruments, and how a song fits together is the most immediate part of music, but the … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Four EPs

Zach Wallace – Glass Armonica Root Stata The glass armonica is an instrument made of wine glasses of different sizes aligned on a rotating, horizontal axis, first devised by one Benjamin Franklin. Sound is made by rubbing the rims of the glasses with moist fingers, resulting in high pitched crystalline tones. Experimental drone musician Zach … [Read more...]

New Album from Swedish Duo Ecovillage

The album, Phoenix Asteroid, is released via Darla Records (US) and Quince Records (JAP). Its the number one selling record on right now! Ecovillage is primarily a two-man Psychedelic/Shoegaze band from Sweden. The band members have both been involved with different bands over the years. In 2005 they went on an journey together which … [Read more...]

Telegraph Canyon – The Tide and the Current

Dreaming and longing for something real and fully-realized, with every waking step and every yearning breath, it feels nearly impossible. The mystique and beauty of life and its ever-succumbing follies is a struggle that’s natural and ultimately, inevitable. But forgotten in all of this is the goal that there is something amazing waiting on the … [Read more...]

The Delfields – Ogres

The press sticker packaged on The Delfields’ LP Ogres overtly claims that the New Brunswick band’s music should be filed, sonically, alongside indie rock landmarks like Death Cab for Cutie and The Shins.  It’s not that this assessment is off base or misinformed; it’s that these RIYL comparisons may be too close to what The Delfields sounds like.  … [Read more...]

Brian Bond – Fire & Gold

Brian Bond writes gentle songs about nostalgia, loss, and leaving. Fire & Gold is a soft, beautiful record, one that takes its time to tell a story- something missing in a lot of contemporary pop music. Like a calm, serene Built To Spill, Bond knows how to play with tension and release. He understands we don't really want to see the … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – “Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion”

Not the most intriguing song title, but Holly and David of The Lovely Eggs combine old-school DIY, plucky charm of bright, sing-song vocals and cheeky lyrics about accordions, scorpions, and…yes, beef bourguignon (love the British accent on that word) – with a sudden descent into a shouty, discordant inferno of chaos at the end of the tune. The … [Read more...]

Choir of Young Believers Release Debut Album

Even though This Is for the White in Your Eyes, the full-length debut released this week (August 18th) by Danish collective Choir of Young Believers , is teeming with instruments—voices, pianos, synthesizers, banjos, an orchestra’s ransom in strings and French horns—it’s not the arrangements that dominate so much as the images they conjure. … [Read more...]