Jon and Roy – “Another Noon”

Jon And Roy

Jon and Roy

Jon And Roy are a humble 3 piece from Victoria, B.C. The title song “Another Noon” comes from their 2008 release bearing the same name. The first 10 seconds in and I have a smile on my face. I want to put my arm around the one I love and listen as we both dream about all the good things that are going to come our way. Every note of this delicate song breathes simplicity, a solid plane where some of the strongest music finds its footing. The trio is John Middleton on vocals and guitar, Ryan Tonelli on bass, and Roy Vizer on drums. When one thinks of the prototypical drummer they may have brief images of Mr. Grohl or J. Bonham. An uninhibited juggernaut of sorts. With this trio Vizer provides all the subtle accents that any band could wish for. His work provides “Another Noon” with a steady flow that is un-matched. The song itself takes on a current of its own as Middleton’s grainy vocals do their fair share to weave an overall feeling of a good time. Middleton speaks of an unknown but all the while he is sure of where it comes from, and that all will work out fine.  Although “Another Noon” gives off the feeling that Middleton is speaking with the best intentions, there is and underlining sense of wonder that more may be going on. In the end it’s left up to the listener. As the song comes to a close one is privy to a percussive jam session that is best left to Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals. Although short, it ends the song on another level where perhaps the listener did not want to go, like being forced from a calm stream into a raging river.

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