Hunter, Run! – EP2

Hunters, Run!- EP2

Hunters, Run! - EP2

Spending 10 minutes with Hunter, Run! seems reasonable in the digital ADD era. With two LP’s in 3 years, Hunter, Run! can get away with a two song EP that captures the band’s energy onto one easy to digest release. Jangly guitars and pounding percussion give life to this melodic power-pop band, along with the energetic vocals.

“If I Had the Chance” is going to be the standout on this EP, with its joyful enthusiasm and precision of the power-pop format. “Simple & Calming” is in a similar vein to “Chance” but gets shown up a little in the energy department. Both songs are quite good, and gives off a great summer single to jam to. EP2 is like the sample plates at grocery stores, where you get just a quick taste of the overall product. If you pick this EP up, you’ll get a real good look into the fun, rock-out world of New York City’s Hunter, Run!