Gray Young – Firmament

Gray Young - Firmament

Gray Young - Firmament

Gray Young is not a solo artist, but a rock trio from North Carolina. Firmament is their self-released, debut full-length following 2007’s Kindle Field EP.

Their sound is rather expansive for what one normally expects from a rock trio. But it seems as though Gray Young is no normal rock trio. Starting with the glimmering guitar textures and continuing with some grand keyboard melodies and the addition of some intense drumming, the band find themselves smudging the boundaries of emo-, indie- and post-rock. It almost sounds as though Death Cab for Cutie ditched their heartache-y vocals and got together with Godspeed You Black Emporer! and explored a more atmospheric post-rock sound with ambient tinklings floating around.

Louder, more dynamic rhythms build from softer, subtler tones to include periodic waves of placid keyboards and bright, fuzzy guitar leads as brisk time changes, taut instrumental interplay and crisp arrangements entertain the listener and make us wonder what direction the music will take next.

At times the melodies build into anthem-like indie-rock that sounds like Gray Young could be the leaders in the next wave of Coldplay influenced bands. But thankfully they pull in the reigns, take a step back and breathe a breath of fresh air into the proceedings by exploring different rock textures, be they ambient noodlings, dreamy keyboard swirls or dynamic and edgy guitar-based counter-rhythms.

There is an occasional unassuming vocal lead that also steers the sound away from most commercial indie-rock, while some delicate aerial guitar leads probe a smattering of lilting melodies, before the drums are added, and the whole thing erupts into a shimmering, atmospheric indie/post-rock hybrid similar to Midsummer.

Seek out and enjoy.

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