Eat Sugar – It’s Not Our Responsibility! EP

Eat Sugar – It's Not Our Responsibility! EP

Eat Sugar – It's Not Our Responsibility! EP

Why does our society reward aggression? Or is aggression the incorrect word to use when describing an athletic sport? Then again, some sports, like boxing or wrestling are in fact, very violent. We’re told that anger and any form of it is, without a doubt, wrong. And in addition, some people don’t even stand for it and when encountered, simply walk away. So is aggression an aspect that can be viewed as “good” for music?

All of that heady deliberation is what was going through my head after I had listened to Eat Sugar’s rough, blustered and especially aggressive, new EP, It’s Not Our Responsibility! You see, I had taken the disc out of the case and was listening to it in different manners. First, I put it on the stereo, the next day I had it in my car and only just recently, I put it on to play through my computer’s speakers. Then I noticed this quote in the middle of the case, underneath where the disc would go; the sentiment is whether or not aggression is a learned motive and if not, why do we reward aggressive media?

With all of that in mind, Eat Sugar’s music, while being pure pop, is antagonistically harsh music to listen to. Already fringing the lines of punk rock and related ilk, this Cincinnati quartet love to combine their music with brusquely shrouded electronics. It creates a sort of distinctive cloud but with so much energy and intensity already crammed in to their angular riffs and intrepid hooks, you have to ask yourself, once more, is all of the superfluous production in reality required?

The curtly clad “Hey Cupid” flies with bursts of a furious guitar rant and muscular drums. Aidan Bogosian’s voice sounds like the resolute cross of Brandon Flowers and Jack White and he’s often found fusing all of the pieces together. Although the synthetics add some kind of novelty to their music, Eat Sugar is first and foremost, a punk rock band. Don’t give me something refined, heck I’d take it at a lo-fi registered ordeal but it’d be really fascinating to hear an uncovered version of all of this.

When you hear those opening electronics, it honestly sounds like a busted speaker. After hurriedly fast-forwarding, you find that this is evidently, deliberate. “So Into You” eats, lives and breathes Saturday night fun. Whether it’s those horns and sax solo, the way Bogosian enunciates his words or even just the all-encompassing boldness, you can’t bring down the drive. It’s wrong to stunt ideas or in this case, new techniques, but when it’s blanketing fearless musicians with a knack for creating gritty music then something has to be rectified.

It’s still an inevitable task that if you even give it a chance, It’s Not Our Responsibility! will present itself as a decent EP. You can’t hide such idiosyncratically motives as the boisterous music on “Pop Singer,” that’s for sure. A push towards an album that does away with the synths would be a great move. In the meantime, we can sit back and wonder if this kind of aggression is worthy of merit.

“Pop Singer” by Eat Sugar